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Jerry Matthews
Parts Manager

Jerry is our parts manager and began with us in October of 2020. His favorite aspect of working for Hendrick Subaru Hoover is helping out our customers - whether they're wholesale or consumer, Jerry is dedicated to making sure they get the help they need! Jerry's favorite vehicle is the sporty and practical Subaru Ascent, his favorite sport is golf, and he has an interest in R/C Cars. While Jerry didn't have a fun fact about himself, he does have a fun fact for everyone to try out: apparently, it's impossible to both hum and plug your nose at the same time!

Enrique Espinoza
Parts Assistant Manager



Ivan Hernandez
Parts Associate

Ivan started at the Hendrick Collision Center working in the paint shop, and has been in Subaru's Parts Dept. for a few years. Ivan's favorite part of the job are his coworkers - There really is never a dull moment working here and every day brings new challenges His favorite Subaru model is the Forester Sport. One of his favorite hobbies is Salsa Dancing! A fun fact about Ivan - He has moved over 20 times in his life. Ivan is currently an active member of the US military and we are so grateful for his service!

Zachary Brooks
Parts Associate